Indy SX Torrent, anyone?

Looking for the Indy SX torrent. Anyone found one yet?

This may be stupid ?

But what the heck is the "torrent" ?

Torrent is what you dl to watch the race. I dunno why they dont call it video, but Torrent is the event.


never made the connection


yeah, they're called bit torrents. You can find just about all the rounds on Check it out!

slicknick usually hooks a brother up.....still waiting though.....:p:ride:


wait so you can watch the races live online for free?

wait so you can watch the races live online for free?

i searched for indy sx a few time today and haven't seen one available yet... i'm itch'n to see the races!! a guy in the pro racing forum posted the results in his thread, and didn't say it was a spoiler so i know who won already.... but i still gotta see it..

Bit Torrent was the original program that people can use to download files, like video's from other people. Hence all the files are now called torrents, which are really only links to files. What the OP is asking is for a link to a video of a recorded Indy SX race. You can usually find those on or

Edit: the file is usually available the next day after the race so check tomorrow

slicknick put up the lites on minninova..... i'm sure the pro's will follow shortly

thanks ONCE AGAIN slicknick.. you the man!!!

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