Chain roller pictures anyone?

I think I am missing some chain rollers but cannot find any pictures that show enough detail to be sure. Wondering if the PO left them off or lost them. Anyone have pictures that show all the rollers and sliders up near the swingarm?


Here's the best pic I have on file.

My bike is a 2009 DR-Z400SM.

What model you need info on?

The top roller is the purple-colored thing to the left of the green coolant in the plastic reservoir.

The bottom roller is visible to the right of the sidestand switch.


Look in your service manual or the TT store OEM fiche. It's easy to order the parts. My PO left them off....

while your playin around down there disable your kick stand kill switch

Yeah I am missing the upper chain roller. Thanks for the pictures and info. I will order it tonight.

I already removed the kill switch.

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