1998 RM250 Bottom End Locked Up

A relatve borrowed my RM250 and returned it locked up. He said he heard nothing unusual and it had run fine. He didn't realize there was a problem until he tried to start it back up. The kick starter will not budge.

I pulled the cylinder off today and the top end looks great. Looking down into the bottom end I can see tiny shards of metal. Metal in the oil also. I guess something came apart.

I'm not shy around the top end. No problem; but the bottom is another story. I don't have the confidence or tools to tackle the bottom. As such, I'm going to have to take it to the shop for repair.

Can anybody give me a worst case ballpark figure?


$600 +parts.

If you can do a top end and read (get a manual)then you can do a bottom end. There aren't many special tools needed and you can buy them cheap at rockymountainmc.com go with the Tusk brand since they are the cheapest.

Buy all your parts from TT though :ride:

Heres a lesson I learned. Be sure to buy the OEM crank bearings and all OEM gaskets and seals. I have 4 months on a total rebuild and one of my crank seals went.

Good luck! :p

When my 98 locked on the crank it was because the crank bearing ring that holds the ball bearings evenly spaced broke and then it locked up. It cost me around $600 to do it and I also replaced every bearing and the transmission counter shaft. And many other parts that broke, clutch, water pump, power valve actuator, and top end.

Thanks guys,

Cost wise it definetely seems that doing it myself will make better economic sense.

Parts needed?

Probably crankshaft and bearings I suppose plus seals and gaskets.

Anything else probable?

You might need a clutch and whatever random parts decided to fail. The special tools you will need are, a flywheel puller, case splitter, torque wrench, feeler gauges, and circlip pliers. I also bought a crank puller to pull the crank into the cases, there may be some other tools I forgot.

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