Checked my valves for for the first time, 50 hrs

Well I finally got around to checking my valves, I've rode the bike since last July. After what I've read here I was a bit nervous. I've changed the oil often maybe 10 hours max and filter every other time. I've used both 5w40 Rotella and MX oil from Castrol.

I've worn out the stock chain, two tires and the front sprocket. The air filter cleaned when needed, most of the time I'm in the mud so I've clean it maybe 4 times.

The valves were .010 and .011 exhaust and .004 and .005 intake.

I also checked the clutch basket for wear, it looks pretty darn good as well. I ride in the woods and it gets used a lot. I can barely tell which is the driven side.

The plug has some carbon on it, the top of the piston looked the same. I'm leaving like it is for the start of the racing season.

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