Protapers for 98 kx 250?

Wondering if I can put 1 1/8 bars on my 98 kx 250? Does anyone offer diff bar mounts to put on stock triple clamp?Thanks

Yes you can get bar mounts from most any parts store like Rockeymountainmc.


Pro Taper and Renthal make 1 1/8" bar mounts. Tag and others may make them, too. Kawasaki even recently started making them as an option (in a lovely shade of brown).

says on the renthal site only have bar mounts for 99 kx 250 will they fit?

was looking for something that didnt raise the bars anymore im kinda short lol...i think the 98 and 99 top triple clamps r the same..check oem parts schematics and numbers....

You might have been looking at the complete upper clamp. I was referring to just the handlebar mounts (CL001??)

1998 and 1999 are different. In 1999, the outer fork tubes are larger in diameter, requiring a new (back then) upper clamp (one with larger mounting holes for the outer fork tubes).

yeah renthal says thats for a 1999-2001 kx 250 model CL001

OK, I got it right. It is CL001. For a minute there, I was thinking I had posted the upper clamp part number.

Ohhhhh, OK. I see what you are saying. They are not listed as fitting a 1998 model. I think they will fit, and here is why. The Kawasaki part number for the stock 1998 KX250 lower handlebar clamp is 46012-1264. This same part number is also used on the following models:

KX125-L4 (KX125) (2002)

KX125-M1 (KX125) (2003)

KX125-M2 (KX125) (2004)

KX250-K3 (KX250) (1996)

KX250-K4 (KX250) (1997)

KX250-K5 (KX250) (1998)

KX250-L1 (KX250) (1999)

KX250-L2 (KX250) (2000)

KX250-L3 (KX250) (2001)

KX250-L4 (KX250) (2002)

KX250-M1 (KX250) (2003)

KX250-M2 (KX250) (2004)

KX250-N1 (KX250F) (2004)

KX500-E10 (KX500) (1998)

KX500-E11 (KX500) (1999)

KX500-E12 (KX500) (2000)

KX500-E13 (KX500) (2001)

KX500-E14 (KX500) (2002)

KX500-E15 (KX500) (2003)

KX500-E16 (KX500) (2004)

KX500-E8 (KX500) (1996)

KX500-E9 (KX500) (1997)

It is listed as fitting the newer models, but since the stock part has the same part number as models listed on the Renthal site, I think that it will work.

I own a new pair of the Renthal CL001 adapters. I don't have them handy to check right now, but I don't remember seeing anything to make me think they would not work.

Also, they do not include the rubber damping bushings. It is just the mounts.

I hope this helps.

you are correct.....i do believe they will work..thanks!

You're welcome. Good luck with it.

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