Hatfield Mccoy Saturady March 7th

Me and some friends are taking the bikes and atvs up to the Browning fork trail system of the Hatfield Mccoy. Just wanting to see who all wants to go?

uh, didn't WV just get clobbered with about a foot of snow?

Have no idea. Supposed to be pretty in the area we are going and in the 50's.

You picked a great trail to ride!

The Browning Fork Trail area did not get any snow.

You picked a great trail to ride!

The Browning Fork Trail area did not get any snow.

Haha Yeah I called and that was what they told me. Said by saturday it should be the best conditions they have had for a few weeks. Can we take care of all of our passes when we get there? Just print out the app and have it ready when we get there?

hey, how was your trip?

It was awesome. We had a blast. I will have some pics and vids up as soon as work slows down a little bit! Cant wait to go back. Its KY and Callalantee this weekend! Woohoo!!!

Great pics! I hope to make it up there this year...

Only 47 dollars for the whole year and you get to ride all 5 trail systems. They are putting new single track in all the time too! They have this dirt days in june that we are going to go up for the weekend for. Should be fun. Let me know when you want to go and I will get my crew to go and we can all hook up and ride!

Im actually from WV and I go up there every month to visit my son. However I have never been to H&Mc.

Well I guess its about time that you went. We have a great group of guys. Some fast some slow but we just love riding!

A small group of us are probably going this Saturday. We will be going to the Crumpler area though, not Hat-McCoy. We normally ride around the stairstep-wagonwheel area, its free, and the locals are GREAT.

Yeah I have road there a million times. We usually park at hilltop have some of their awesome biscuits and gravy and then head down to the stairsteps. Then past the wagon wheel! If we werent all going to KY this weekend I would join you guys I love it up there!

Thats the place. We park at Hilltop also.

A group of us from PA are going to RockHouse (Browning Forks) April 22-26 and will have to check out the HillTop... missed going there last year... HF&M ROCKS!!! We are going with bikes and atv's and can't wait.....

Not sure if you can get to hilltop from the rockhouse trails but if your riding that many days you may be able too. Its just on the lower side of the Pinnacle creek section. go past the WW and take a left on the trail at the top of the stairsteps! I would go with you guys but we have a race on the 26th!

I'll be hitting RockHouse (my first time) with 5 other bikes the first weekend in May. I'm really looking forward to it & plan to record video. We're camping at Twin Hollow if anyone else will be there. Holla.

Dang you guys are killing me haha! I will be in FL that weekend so no riding. But I am hangin with a smokin hot Venezuelian LOL!


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