UORRA RD 1 this weekend!

Gusse's first race is of the season is March 8th. Its supposed to be warm I am excited anyone else going?

Where is it? I went to their website and it says TBA for the location.

prophetstown, IL. You have to go in and check under events, I think. I am trying to decide between WFO Or Gussie. I think gussie may be seeing me!

Anyone ridden there before? What's the course like?

sand and , probably a little mud, some Gusse Bar banging tight stuff....should be fun!

if it is at p-town it will be more open than most of his races, but still have some tight sections 90% sand. I will call him wensday or thursday to findout where he is having the race. I might go down to keithsburg not sure yet. My motor is sitting on the workbench with the cases split swapping gears at the moment. I might have to go to bills since it is half as far of a drive for me.

Bills is alot closer to me than WFO so I am definitely going there but even if it were farther away I would still go to Bills. Prophetstown is my favorite track to race on. Last year we had so much snow though he had to have the first round at the bike barn and he took the bobcat out and plowed almost the whole trail. It was a frozen ground with water on top mess but still fun.

i liked how the woops turned into islands then were underwater at the end of the race lastyear that was fun. Was that round 1 or 2?

I think both the first and second round were sloppy messes last year. It was fun but I am glad I was riding someone else's bike through it!

wow how did we get that lucky with the weather? It stopped ten minutes before the start and started back up on the last lap.

Yeah it was nice that it stopped raining. It would have been even nicer if it didnt rain all morning! the race was great though. I ended up third in the pro class. I was pretty excited about that.

Sunday round 3 is at Prophetstown again! Should b good with all the rain we've gotten lately.

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