New addition to the family

So I finally picked up my bike from the stealership, after it took them 2 weeks to get it on the floor because it was special order. Oh well, riding now! I have not ridden on the dirt in 3 years, and this is a HUGE step from my 250F. I am amazed. Being such a small dude it is hard for me to get it started and make sharp slow turns too :p Anyway, I did a search, and I cannot find any carb settings for my altitude. Any recommendations for 4000-5000 feet? Here is my baby. In front of all my other babies.



OTD is a stealership? I was happy with the Chilcoot store (now out of business) I ride in the Pine Nut Mtns and left my jetting stock. Just got it in November so not sure if a jetting change will be needed in summer. I put a 51 rear sprocket which helps in the tight single track stuff. Is that an R1 or R6? Ever ride the truck route to VC?

thanks for the link. but didn't help much. all those setting were for sea level. And ya, I ride VC just about every other day once the sand is cleared off the road. it is a 2007 R6. Are you SSA by any chance?

For a 4000 foot increase in altitude, multiply the listed jet sizes by 0.96

For a 200 foot increase use 0.98

That should get you close.

Dont know what SSA is........ I head up to VC for lunch occasionally and on weekends. Cant wait for spring/summer! Enjoy that 450.

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