GNCC Predictions


The River Ranch is only days away. Who do you think will take round 1?



and top amateur?

i cant predict without knowing who all is showing up.




Knighter won't be there afaik. He's just in WEC now. Looks pretty good on his new ride:

Casselli (sp? I never get it right) should be there.

Should be a great race regardless of who shows. :p

XC1- Kanney or Whibs

XC2- Buttrick

Amatuer - Steward Baylor


Charkie you racing this round ?

If the track is all sand I'm going for Ceselli(?)

really, it all up in the air, I don't think the Europens have much on this years players:ride:


Knight and Salminen are both contesting in the WEC for BMW so they wont be there

Blazusiak has never done a GNCC. KTM uses him for more technical races.

duvall maybe?

yeah i saw that looks like mullins and whibley will battle for first

yeah i saw that looks like mullins and whibley will battle for first

Kanney had bike problems and got passed by whibs in the pits . Don't count Kanney out just yet :p

Glad GNCC is back. Sounds like a good track on the weekend. Would love to see some video. Tough ride by Kearney with a brocken leg!!!!!!!!!:p

Mullins, Whibs and Strang to fight it out this year.

XC1- Kanney or Whibs

XC2- Buttrick

Amatuer - Steward Baylor


Charkie you racing this round ?

I am heading to GA today. Im racing in Open A so look for me in the live scoring.

I put my money on Whibley for the overall this weekend.

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