Pro Circuit T4 and Nitrogen Canister clearance

I'm a little worried about the 1/8" clearance between the PC T-4 pipe and the bottom of the rear shock nitrogen piggy back canister. The stock pipe had almost 3/4" clearance. Has anyone else put this pipe on the new WR450F yet? Am I the only one that thinks this to be a problem? Other than that, I have 200 miles on this sweet a__ bike and loven every minute of it. No key problem yet.


I too noticed that, I have the Pro-Circuit Titanium 4 (Ti-4) and it too has about an 1/8 of an inch clearance (makes for a bitch too install ...). I cant see it being an issue as there is plenty of cooling air around it and the temp that far down the pipe is OK. Unless the temp of the Nitrogen has an impact on its performance I cant see a problem.

Will certainly keep a close watch on it though ...

Cheers Dean

.......... 4 months later :D :D i dont think it hsould be a problem b/c of the above reason too... its like your boot near the header... its hard to tell theres heat almost :)

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