Does This Look Right?

Pretty sure stock was 48 not 58 either way its not 58. Probably somewhere between 48-51 at the most.

I'm thinking more like 45hp. 50+hp is newer 450 territory.

If those were Yamaha's original spec's the power given is measured at the crankshaft, and may have been 58.

yea i was thinking crank hp aswell ok well since this would be his first bike (wont go any smaller because he thinks he has to have a faster bike than my yz250) 48 is too much for him im thinking a 250f as his starter bike because he would foul any two stroke he rides


Grey is correct, Yamaha rated the 400 to be 54 HP - and for those numbers to be correct they have to be taken at the crank, not the wheel.

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