Bell Helmet

Hey I am looking for a good Bell motocross helmet moto 6 or newer. size 7 1/8. blue or white would be nice. but I will consider other colors. Mine should have been replaced a long time ago. Thanks!!.

Try an HJC. They're comfortable, have dot and snell approvals, removable liners and look great. The price is even better $130.


I have a white Moto 6, but size 7 - 3/8. IMO this is not the helmet to get. Why?

The liner doesn't come out. I'm too embarrassed to sell mine, it smells like, like (picture Hick sniffing inside his old helmet), smells like my old knee guards.

It fits weird, pressing on my cheeks. It actually made my face get tired, I didn't notice how bad it was until I bought a better helmet.

The face opening is very small. I'm sure this is great for roost protection but it really kills your visible range. Again not something I noticed until I replaced it.

The only positive thing I can say about it is that it is Snell rated/approved and is actually pretty light, feels about the same as my new Shoei.

As for sub-$200 helmets, I like the KBCs. I think they make good helmets, I have an MSR Super Light (made by KBC) that fits great, looks great, gives up nothing to my new Shoei. I don't know if the new KBCs are anything like my MSR but they obviously know how to make a helmet. I read a pretty favorable review of their new lid in the new Dirt Bike.

I've also tried on a VERY ugly M2R, or whatever those things are, the paint scheme was AWFUL. But it was very light and very comfortable and also under $200 I believe.

Hope this is helpful.

Hi there,

Although Bell makes really good helmets (I still use my Bell moto 4, and despite a smelly inside, I think it's great)if you want the best you should buy a Arai. I think the Bell's quality isn't the same a few years ago!!!

Hope this helps you choose better!

Have nise rides


i have a friend who custom paints helmets

he once told me NEVER EVER BUY A BELL HELmET

his reasons for this is having teken out all the lining from new helmets and having seen cracks from the inside which the gel goat on the outside masks

Never had a problem with a Bell helmet in over 20 years (Moto 3 - Moto 7). If it is DOT and snell approved it is a good helmet. You can get closeout Bells at great prices from BELL HELMET CLOSEOUTS

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