help find the impossible. full plastic kit.

anyone have a clue where to get a fullplastic kit for the wr 400, i checked everywhere, go ahead check ur favorite sites

You won't be able to find one with the stock WR fender and headlight/front number plate. To the best of my knowledge, no one makes an aftermarket WR rear fender, nor the stock headlight/number plate. The dealer will be happy to sell you one of each...

If you want to run a YZ fender and an aftermarket tail light (like the Baja Designs LED) or no tail light, and either your existing headlight, an aftermarket headlight (like acerbis) or no headlihgt, then One Industries and Acerbis make kits for YZ400s. Everyhthing else will work for ya.

Individual parts are available from Yamaha USA. The price will break you, however. Everything is available from UFO, fenders(only shows front, but I found the rear also), side number plates and radiator shrouds here. Prices are very reasonable. I assumed a 1999 WR400. Looks like the WR400 went from 98-00 for the WR.

Like Birdy says - The YZ rear fender is a direct bolt on and you can go with aftermarket tail light if you choose. The rear fender for the YZ should be affordable through any aftermarket supplier.

In regard to the headlight cowl... you'll only get that through Yamaha but if it's anything like the 07' it will be relatively cheap.. I only paid $14 for the 07' headlight cowl a couple months ago.

Good Luck!

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