coolant ran dry, lost compression.. :(

OK, i was out riding the other week and my bike died like it ran out of fuel.. if only it was just that. I checked it out and it had enough fresh oil in it, even though it had dumped some on my rear wheel through the breather. Everything appeared alright, it's just that it didn't have compression. So I got it home and have had it sitting in the garage since due to lack of funds and mechanical impotence..

So today I thought i'd drag it out and have a look into it a bit more. and guess what, the radiator was dry.. doh :) So basically i'm wondering, has this happened to anyone before ? I looked through the archives but couldn't find anyone stupid enough.. but am pretty concerned about what could be wrong with my bike.

I tried kicking it over for about 10mins straight with no luck, then tried roll-starting it a few times down my street.. but with no success. It sounded like it wanted to start, but alas it didn't. Compression isn't completely gone btw - it still has enough to lock up the wheel occasionally when i dump the clutch, but I can push the kicker through with my hand. Overall it's pretty disappointing.

Any thoughts/suggestions/abuse ? cheers :D

How could you have that happen? I mean every time i walk behind my bike i can see the coolant resevoir under the fender. Don't you look?

the reservoir had been removed prior to me buying it.. and i'm not really used to this dirt bike thing coming from a road background. I checked it a few rides ago and the coolant level was fine and pretty much just forgot to check it again since.. :)


With any luck, a ring, piston, and valve job with new seal and gasket kit may be all you need. We'll keep our fingers crossed on this side of the pond. Otherwise, it could be expensive. Good luck.


your best bet is to go give your motor a big hug and kiss then say goodbye.go dig a big hole in backyard and bury it.

-or you could get lucy and only need a head gasket.

lucy? what would you want with her? I meant lucky.

Check your cams alignment. The dry radiators may be coincidence... I hope so...

Another possibility would be that the rings got so hot that they lost their tension. I'd throw some new rings and gaskets in it and get the cylinder honed. Then mic it and if the clearance is not ok, then replace the piston. Have a look at the valves when you have it apart. If they look good I'd throw it back together and try it out. Good luck

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