WR450F Stock Suspension Reworked OR......

Stock YZF Suspension with No Rework.

Which is better? What would you do?

If the YZF suspension is still going to be as good or

better than the WRF suspension reworked, then

I will go that route. What I dont want to do is buy the YZF

suspension, then still have to pay for rework.

Where is my money better spent?

205lbs without gear

Beginning to Intermediate riding ability. So trail speed is just moderate.

Ride mostly single track trails on intermediate terrain, very little rock.

Want a suspension on the softer side, but be able to handle the occasional small jump.

Basically looking for a trail setup suspension that can handle rougher terrain when needed.

I guess you could say Im more than the average "weekend warrior", but

nowhere near competitive race status. I just like to "push it" sometimes.

I ride 90% trails, and 10% track. Again, only smaller jumps.

Post your weight, riding ability, riding style, what kind of terrain you ride, and how much trails/track % you ride. Such variables help a lot for people to give you feedback. Also post what you expect from the bike's suspension, do you prefer soft plush suspension, or firm and responsive?

get the stock wr stuff reworked, it will be set up for you, the yzf stuff will still be at factory settings, not set up for you!

Which is better? What would you do?

either way...plan to spend around 1000 bucks to have them professionally sprung/valved :p:ride:

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