Dr. D Exhaust

Well, I put my new Dr. D Exhaust on my 07 WR450, had to raise the needle one notch (I have the GYTR kit). Got a nice tan color on the plug, runs great. Now, I was going to do an oil change after my Sunday race and discovered the Dr. D header pipe blocks the upper right oil filter bolt. So in order to change the filter you have to remove the entire exhaust system. They only needed to move it up a 1/4 and it would have cleared.

I emailed Dr. D to inform them of the bad engineering.:ride::p:moon:

You have newer header, I have older Dr.D header made in 2006 its 1/4 inch higher I don't have to touch header to change oil filter But I can't use 1 inch radiator lowing kit.So I installed 1/2 inch kit from A yz250f and it work s great! And Yes that sucks to loosen or remove header to change filter!

Ya i got the Dr. D on my 07 as well. Its a pain in the ass. i change oil often and thinking might put a stud with a nut and see if that would remedy it.

Stupid design, Great running system though

OK, just got off the phone with Mark from Dubach Racing. He said that the header pipe needed that length to get the performance, the bend was also necessary to prevent it from sticking out too far.

So, they claim if you loosen the 2 header bolts slightly you can rotate the header up enough to clear the oil cover bolt.

Also, my 07 WR has the GYTR Jet kit and the plug reading I got after riding with the Dr. D Exhaust was lean. I dropped the needle clip 1 notch off center to raise the needle and my plug reading now is a nice tan color. And it runs great!!:p

Someone at the yz forum mentioned the stud/nut idea, I think I might do that. The header doesn't need to be removed, just loosened and rotated slightly.

I too have a full Dr D on my 07. For what the system does for performance it's worth it. It takes me less then a minute to loosen the two header bolts and move the head up a 1/4 inch.

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