I still have time to go back and get an extended warranty on this thing. maybe not a bad idea. what do you guys think ? :)

I dont think Yamaha offers any extended warranties for any of their offroad products. I may be wrong, tho.

the yamaha plan doesnt cover wr's and yz's...it's through an aftermarket company that the dealer works with.

$700 for 3 years....ouch. :)

xr600r is on the money on the warranty thing. Yamaha does'nt offer one. Some dealers do in house extended warranties usally with a hefty deductable and just try to see how many ways they try to blame whatever the problem is on it being your fault for not doing something right. I think just ride the sh** out of it in the first 30 days and if nothing lets loose you should be good for the long haul.

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