Jetting Help Please for a 2007 WR450F

Can someone please tell me how to jet a 2007 wr450f? The bike is stock except I removed the spark arester. Also, which jetting kit is best? I also made the bike street legal with a lighting kit etc. I aready did the free mods. Thank you, Bruce

i don't own a wr yet, and I have never jetted a bike. I can, however, tell your to browse the threads stuck at the top of this yamaha sub-area. all the info you will need is in there, and also check out -- i've been reading as much as I can for the last few days, and have learned a lot.

all the information you could possibly need is there, and done thoroughly. I doubt you will get any better info from the guys browsing this board, as this same question must have been asked 100x by now. there's even a jetting mod area where everyone has posted what they did to their bike, what elevation, etc. find it, it'll help. good luck!

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