I wonder why some dealers have heard from yamaha about the woodruff key problem... and some havent heard a word. :)

Ya. Whats up with Yamaha. Afraid??? :)

My dealer didn't even look at the service manual. So they couldn't have known about the Rotor torque correction as per the insert.

Sometimes the dealer will only refer to the Assembly Manual. The updated torque specs should have been inserted in the Assembly Manual and the Service Manual.

Unless a dealer has called yamaha about the problem, they would not know about it at this point. Until a service bulletin is issued, most will not know. Most dealers have sold only one or two WR450s at this time, and unless one of them has started grenading flywheel keys they really would not have any reason to learn of this. I wouldn't be too hard on your dealer, as they are your best friend on this issue, and the problem with the bike is certainly not their fault.



I agree 100%. My dealer knows about the problem because of ThumperTalk. Wouldn't it be nice if Yamaha was as an effective communicator as ThumperTalk.

I'm waiting for the official TSB.

I really don't want to replace the crank because of a botched "Over the phone Fix" .

My dealer knows about this because I told him I heard it on TT. He has not even got one yet. I had to go to Macon GA to pick mine up.

my manual didnt have the insert sheet, stating the correct torque. any body else not get one ?

Mine did not have it. Just corrected in the manual.

XR --Went to Tom's They were closed. :)

my wife talked to scott at toms thursday....he hasnt heard anything about it. :)

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