How do you wash your WR

I just purchased My first dirt bike and now its time to clean it. I have an 06WR450 thats been out three times now , but this last time was a muddy mess. I'm not all about a super clean bike that looks as if it never gets ridden , but just like a car I'm not about to let mud sit on my bike for weeks on end.

So what are some tips for cleaning my bike. What to look out for,what not to do,what produtcs to use? My first step was covering the exhaust pipe so I dont fill i with water.

plug the exhaust so no water gets into it...pressure washing is the best way to get it clean...just dont aim the nossle right in the pivot points, linkage, or anything that has greese in it cause it will blow the greese out...

1. plug up all holes (pipe, airfilter holes, etc)

2. spray a cleaner/degreaser all over bike (thats safe for aluminum so it wont anodize)

3. let it sit for a min or two and spray off the whole bike with the pressure washer.

4. i let my bike airdry but i blow air on it like from a leaf blower on it to let it dry...its quick and easy

5. after all that i go over the whole bike with wd40...under the fenders, everywhere except the brakes

hope that helps!

Here is a trick I read here somewhere...mix "Shout" and water (1/3 "Shout" and 2/3 water). I spray it on with a tank sprayer. Let is soak a few minutes...powerwash off. No joke...the dirt just melts off. Works on metal and rubber. Crazy but it works.

Hmm shout , never would have though of that.

simple green...hands down the safest for everything.spray on...crack open a cold one.....spray off and enjoy

I like greased lighting orange blast make sure it is orange blast, cheap al wal fart. also try to avoid pressure washer, you can damage seals and other parts. instead hook a hose to your hotwater heater.will melt the mud off. spray orange blast let sit for a minute and hose off. Wipe down, run motor and lube chain, put away and go have a beer.

I am telling you "Shout". Simple green stinks, Orange stuff is a joke. Shout it out. Hey, you probably have some in your laundry room. Mix it with some water and try it. I thought it was crazy too.

Leaves you bike smelling clean too...LOL. Give it a go. I got two guys hooked on it.

Spray the chain afterwards with WD40. Next time you ride warm up the chain then apply your favorite chain're good to go.

I'm a follower of the Simple Green and gentle hose pressure - that is, more scrubbing with a soft bristle brush. I use a toothbrush on the chain. It takes a bit longer but blasting high pressure water water into your seals and chain ain't good. I dry with compressed air and I apply WD40 to the chain and pivot points afterward. I like to follow with Maxima SC-1 to polish - and it smells like cherry!!

Which are those bearings that do not have a seal in front of them to prevent the grease coming out? I think there are none, so I say you can wash your bike without problems with pressure washer :p Just don't bend the radiator fins and try not to fill your airfilter

Shout works well because of the enzymes it contains, they really do work wonders on dirt, however, with clothes - too much shout too often and the clothes will literally start to fall apart.

Don't know what type of effect the enzymes in shout have on your bike in the long run - they are VERY hard to just rinse off, and end up staying behind "working" on your clean bike after you have rinsed it off, working on exposed edges of paper gaskets, the backer material of your seat vinyl, and just about anything else non synthetic that may be on your bike - heck, they may even have some lasting effects on Synthetic materials.

S100 mixed 50/50ith water.

:p You're supposed to wash 'em?

I use soapy water

I use purple power on the plastics (don't leave it sit on aluminum for too long). It takes that coal dirt that is rubbed in right out. I use simple green on the rest of the bike, and engine degreaser around the chain and where the lube fly's off. I try to avoid pressure washing. If your smart about it, you won't hurt your bearings (don't get too close), but I don't like to take any chances. Rufusz, those seals are there to stop dirt and water (without pressure), not the extreme force of a pressure washer, if you get too close it will push the grease out (I've done it :-).


...Rufusz, those seals are there to stop dirt and water (without pressure), not the extreme force of a pressure washer, if you get too close it will push the grease out (I've done it :-).


Of course if you hold it in front of the seal at 1cm for a period of time, but who does that? If you use it from a normal distance, you can wash it without problems.

I'm fortunate to have a buddy who owns a detail shop and he gives me this almost-orange stuff that is safe, cleans better than anything I've ever used and doesn't ruin anything on the bike (or car). It's super expensive so if I didn't have his connection I'd use Dawn grease cutting detergent.

I agree, as long as the nozzle isn't too close its fine. The chemicals are all the same, personal pref is just like your choice in a bike.

soap and water , same as i use for the truck .

if the truck and bike are dirt i will just go to the car wash .

soap and water with a low pressure wash then dried with a leaf blower.

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