How do you wash your WR

I use a great product called CT-18 which I mix in a spray bottle and cover the whole bike. Let sit for 15 minutes then gentle pressure wash the whole lot off. Another spray with CT-18 and I go over the bike with a sponge which gets rid of the streaks.

I then grab the simple green and hit the stuborn areas (chain lube overspray etc) with a small scrubbing brush. Final spray over with the pressure washer. I then hit the engine and chain and joints with WD-40 and go over all the plastics with armorall.

Fire the bike up and ride around the block to warm up the wheel bearings and get rid of the water.

Job done!

Due to my use of the pressure washer I always pull the axels out after every ride and grease them up as well as packing under the dusct seal on the wheel bearing with grease. Never had an issue yet, although you need to check the headstem bearing when you use a pressure washer. Mine was a bit rusty after 12 months of use last time I checked.

Palmolive, garden hose, soft bristle brush and a diaper. :p

Simple Green for the more dificult stuff. You must be fast though as the simple green (although natural) will dull things like yer excell wheels, etc... Scrub the chain with chain brush, power wash (keeping away from seals) only to get the more dificult stuff again and then a wash with car wash soap. Then break out the leaf blower to dry her off. Sometimes I even spray the entire bike with foam tire spray mostly when she parked longer than a month or two. Gota look pretty when the boys come over and have beers in the garage.:p

I'm amazed on some guys that provide pics of thier bikes and all I could see is the dirt and grime build up that they just wont spend the extra time to clean off. :ride:

dang!..what do you guys use for those tuff grape juice or wine stains??

hahaha! kidding!!

i use LP cycle wash,garden hose and terry towels.that wd40 trick sound good i will try it.

A liberal spray with Simple Green and hose it off. Works great for me.

Simple green or gunk degreaser, and my power washer. Don't concentrate the spray on any pivot points etc. Use compressor to blow most of the water off, and hit every pivot point and the chain. WD40 on chain to displace any remaining water.

I've been a Simple Green user. This weekend after a good mud ride I decided to try the Shout suggestion. After the prewash to knock all the mud off I sprayed Shout over everything and then rinsed it off (using a standard hose with spray adapter) and I was blown away at how clean everything was after trying this. I did have to reapply the Shout on the frame near the countershaft sprocket. I'm not knocking other products because I haven't tried them. But Shout blew the Simple Green away. The only thing I've seen clean the grime off/around the engine better/faster is a degreaser--but I just try to stay away from those.


Has anyone tried the Kirkland/Costco environmentally friendly degreaser? I just bought it because my Costco stopped carrying Simple Green (what I used to clean the bikes before). I am assuming they replaced it with their brand that works the same. I have had good luck with other Kirkland brand stuff so thought I would give it a shot. I have not ridden since so I have not cleaned the bike since.

I also like to give my bike a good rubdown with 303 Aerospace Protectant after. It is SPF 40 sunscreen for your toys.

get it wet, spray it down completely with a 50/50 mix of simple green and water let it sit for a couple mins and wash off with water. I usually have to do the process twice, but cleans it off good and quick. Add chain lube and park it.

simple green...hands down the safest for everything.spray on...crack open a cold one.....spray off and enjoy

simple green is the way to go, takes off the "red" mud as well.

hate the red mud

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