valve seal removal '98WR400?

Hello. I am doing some top end work and I was going to replace the valve seals (sold as a separate part number). The manual shows how to pound out the whole valve guide with the special Yamaha tool. Does anyone know how to remove the seal only?


You can grab them with your fingers and just pull them off. if that doesn't work, use a dentist's probe.

Thanks Birdy.

While your on the subject of valve seals,I'm going to be fitting a high comp piston to my '00 wr400 soon and was wondering if i needed to replace the valve stem seals? It doesn't use a drop of oil.Are they a common wearing item?

Should be fine if they aren't leaking now. The valve seals seal from the valve cover side to keep oil out of the combustion chamber. The piston pushes the valves into the seats a bit harder wiht a high comp piston, but the vacuum created on the down stroke isn't any greater.

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