Smaller Battery

We need a high capacity, lightweight, miniture battery. :)

What are the specs for the OEM battery? Amp Output, weight, size (LWH)?

I'll see what I can find out.


What for?



.............................. L-4 7/16, W-2 3/4, H-4 1/8

Metric Conversion:. L-113, W-70, H-105

...............................4.6 LBS, 0.6 AMP, 130 CCA


Cool site. Whats up with the $500 minimum order??? <>

This is the place to ask that question

fershy, you still looking into it? :)

Adam, Dutch sort of beat my to the punch on that PowerSonic link. That was going to be my recommendation. Anyway, I am surprised to see that the rating on the OEM is only .8 amp. You could go with a PS1212, save yourself 3 lbs, and have a battery that packs 50% more wallop. Talk about bang for you buck, shaving 3 lbs for only about $30! Don't worry about DC's $500 minimum, these guys are wholesalers. Check out either Electronic or Battery specialty shops in your area. Should be no problem sourcing a Powersonic. These babies are Gell cells, sealed, and can be mounted in any position. I use a .8 amp PS 1208 in my WR400 for the dual sport kit and I have a PS1252 in my RG500.



Being thats weight mounted high in the chassis, 3 lbs would be a bunch. Are the batteries only $30?

RG500??? COOL bike. You Canadians get all the good stuff.

Alright, this is digging up a really old post but it seemed too good to be true, I'm surprised this didn't raise more interest in the first place.

So it looks like I can take 3 pounds off my WR with this battery, it has a higher amp hour rating, and searching online, it looks like it costs about $20??!! This just CAN'T be true. What's the catch?

Any battery experts out there?

Fershy, you still around?

Hmm, appears that the stock battery is 6.0 amp hour, not .6 amp hour. I knew it couldn't be true.

Might be able to source a battery battery but at a price. Typically, a smaller lighter or higher capacity is commensurate with price. Just like wives, skinny N hot = expensive. There are suppliers (aerospace) of real nice batteries but they are horribly expensive.

Ballards in Oz have a lightweight battery kit. Don't know where they get it from. Page from catalogue attached. Their website is



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