How can I still be a newbie with 28 posts and when is the party?

03WR450F-Picked up 2/3/03 & is SILL SNOWING!

I know how you feel about the snow. It was suppose to get up into the 40's and I was hoping for some melt-off today. But as it's snowing right now i guess I'll have to wait some more.


I worked all weekend to regrease all suspension & swing arm bearings so I could at least ride my new bike up & down the street to see if the woodruff key will shear.I've picked her up 2/3/03 and haven't rode due to snow.My warranty is running out and haveing prod.#602 I am worried.My Dealer will not do JACK SH#T until someone first has a problem.Well being the first one in my area to receive one,I have 3 problems snow,snoe & more snow. :)

03WR450F-Picked up 2/3/03 all stock for now

31 posts and still no party! :)

you graduate at either 50 or 100 i think

0 TT Newbie 25 TT Member 100 TT Bronze Member 500 TT Silver Member 1000 TT Gold Member 1500 TT Platinum Member 2000 TT Titanium Member 3000 TT Addict.So where's the party being held?

I think it is 50 not 25 to be a TT member.It will change when you hit the right number.When it does then you get the party and we'll teach you the secret handshake. :)

I can hardly wait.I like partys & secret handshakes.Not very good at keeping secrets,but very good at partying :).I still think its over 25 to be a member,it says so in the FAQ. :D.

secret handshake? what secret handshake? did i miss something? :)

Didn't they teach you the secret handshake thumperWR450F when you graduated from newbie to member? And wasn't it over 25 posts when you graduated?Thats what the FAQ says.Lets all rally now to make me an official member.I want to learn the secret handshake & I want to learn it now! :).

03 WR450F-Picked up 2/3/03.all stock for now.

it's a secret hand shake so i was pretending i didn't know !! SHHH!! don't tell them i told you !! :)

Sorry THUMPERWR450F, I'm a little bit slow.I'll try to be a little sharper next time.

03 WR450F-Picked up 2/3/03 all stock for now.

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