Easy way to reset stock trip meter

I got sick of spending a half hour to reset the stock WR tip meter. There is no room for you hand and its such a pain to rest. So here is a quick and easy way I used. Takes about 2.5 seconds to reset it.

Get a socket that will fit over the reset knob. I used a 19mm. Pull out the knob. Attatch the scoket to an extention and then to a cordless drill, put it reverse and spin away. Worked great!




Awesome! Now What Do You Do On The Trail?

Nice! I use a rubber hose to the drill, on the trail I use two fingers :ride:

Eddie :p

Awesome! Now What Do You Do On The Trail?

This, of course, is done at home after a big ride. On the trail just use the good old fingers. I guess it will do till I get a digital speedo.

The easy way to reset the odometer is simple. Go to your local Yamaha dealer and order a knob for a TTR 250. It is 2 1/2 times bigger in diameter than the WR knob and fits in it's place. Did this back when I had a WR 400 and also on my WR 450 before putting a complete speedometer for a XT 350 onto the WR. I also swapped the knob over to the XT unit. Has worked great for years.:p


I just press a button on my 07, it's easy!!!

I just press a button on my 07, it's easy!!!

Same here, my stock odometer took a crap last year and I bought a trailtech vector. :p

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