Allergic to Neoprene

Is anyone allergic to synthetic materials in gloves such as PVC, neoprene, etc.? My 14 year old son has severe allergic reactions to these synthetic materials to the point where he cannot wear gloves at all. Any ideas on a glove that is 100% leather? Every glove that I have looked at has some type of synthetic material. Thanks for any help!

A buddy of mine has never ridden with nothing more than a pair of leather work gloves from the local hardware store. He swears by them......

Dodger :):D

another option is to go to the local film processing shop,, and ask if u can have a pair of the cotton gloves they use to handle the negatives

then wear these under ur mx gloves

Try for leather gloves.

Also, you can generally get good deerskin gloves at places that sell things like work boots, leather, etc.

I recommend you get gloves that are soft and thin, cheap gloves, such as workman gloves, are stiff and will fry your hand as you hold on to the bars.

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