***Attention Utah Riders*** Bunker Hill MX 2/22/03

We are going to Bunker Hill MX Track CLICK HERE on Saturday the 22nd of February. We are leaving SLC Valley at 0700 sharp. Please post a reply if you are interested. Thanks................db :)

801-330-7886 Danny

You'll have a great time. This place is a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of me showing about all of the MX ability I have. The pics were taken at BunkerHill



Have fun down there.

Danny, count me in. Looks like fun. I'll be there by 8:00am. Do you know what the fees are? I didn't see any costs on their website.

- Eric


It looks like I'll be there as well. Ditto on mrmoto's fee question.



Gates open at 0800 and the fee is $5.00.............db :)

TTT.............. :)

Sounds great! I'll be there.


Blackie or anyone,

Where is the Bunker Hill MX Track located? And are any of you going to race at the ogden track april 19th?

Bunker Hill MX is located in Delta. About 1.75 hours south of SLC. Click Here As far as racing goes, I am looking forward to getting back into shape and race everything that I can. LMK if you are interested in going...........db :)

330-7886 Danny


Yo Phil, that is some serious air. Are you trying to scare a grounded desert freak with that stuff. No way I get my wheels that far off the ground on purpose. Cool pic.

You guys have fun this weekend. I've used up my free hall pass for this month with last week's ride, but I'm going to try and plan on Moab in April.


We will be arriving at the track at/or before 0900. We are leaving Chevron in Orem (University Ave. and Geveva [1/4 mile West off I-15]) at 0700. Here is my number: 330-7886. See you at the track! :)

P.S. Look for (Autos)a Silver/Beige Toyota 4-Runner, a white Dodge truck, a white Ford Ranger. (Bikes) A WR426FP, a YZ450F (with a number two on the plates), a KTM, a Honda CR450F, and maybe a yellow RM250, and a white YZ250. I'll alos have my ez-tent up. It's red/white/blue.

Cool, see you there. My cell # is 721-3558 if there are any changes. I won't be around the internet tomorrow.



Trust me, that takes no talent. On a big thumper you just need to NOT roll off the throttle on the take off.

Bunkerhill is a REALLY fun track for the portion of the motorcycle communicty that likes to play on a track but who have not been jumping doubles since we were 6 years old. I've had a lot of fun there, and I am not an MX guy.

TTT.......... :)

Last Call............ :)

330-7886 Danny

Eric (mrmoto), Doug (ogrebelle), John (Blackie), Mike Zufelt (non-thumpertalk member), and Danny (r1-superstar).

Another fine day of riding gents!! We arrived at the track at 0900. We had the track to ourselves for about and hour or so. Then a blizzard rolled in and there was snow everywhere! The temps were way below freezing and the winds were gusting from 30-40 mph. We rode in these conditions until we could not feel our fingers. :) The track was instantly blanketed in snow but soon melted. The traction was AWESOME!!

We waited the storm out and it seemed as it would not pass. We loaded up only to unload again five minutes later when the storm passed. :D

We had sunshine once again and the temps rose. However the wind got worse. We were getting sandblasted (ouch). But being the die-hards that we were, we stayed for another hour and a half. :D

Bunker Hill MX Track is a really fun Motocross track! :D

We will be heading down again sometime soon. Thanks again Guys!!............db :D

P.S. Check out the vids at **Click Here** John always seems to film me when I'm warming up. :D

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