1999 WR 400 Compression Release Oil Leak

I just bought a 1999 wr 400 and I noticed that the compression release is leaking a little bit of oil. It leaks while I am riding, not just when I use it. This is the first bike I have owned and am not quite sure what to do. I would appreciate any ideas and suggestions anyone would have.



Replace part #15 - it's a 10 minute $5 fix.


Just make sure it's leaking there and not on bolt #13 - if it';s leaking on bolt #13, replace washer #14

Thanks, I will replace that part and see if it stops the leak.

Be cafeful when you tighten screw #13. It can strip very easily. A little suggestion, after lever is removed, use an allen wrench to push out the seal from the inside out by putting the short angled end of the allen through the hole for bolt #13. There is a small tensioning spring inside the lip of the seal that could possibly popout into the motor while trying to remove the seal.

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