Ballard's license plate bracket?

Anyone use ballard's license plate bracket. I have an 06 wr 450 and need to find a bracket that will hold my LED blinkers and license plate. If you have used this bracket what do you think of it. Good or Bad.

Thanks, Mike

Let's see a link or picture of it.

I have a Baja Designs license plate holder, and put it under a YZ fender, for use on my WR. Its heavy and flaps alot, but never has broken.:p

However, I am on the never ending quest to find a turn signal solution.

I was also looking at the one from but it doesn't have blinker mounts. One would have to fabricate those. Looks simple and light.

I'm looking at running this integrated LED brakelight and turn signal bar on my husky 510 SMR- This should help clean up the rear. Stock bracket is really fugly and the huge stock signal stalks are going to rattle off in the coming months.


i have one on the same year model as you

would u like a pic?

I have a buddy that does duct work make me a bracket. Turned out great and it only cost a couple beers. Thanks for your replies. I think we are going to fabricate a blinker bracket that is removable for when the riding gets a little serious. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge on this site.


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