Maxxis IT

I just put a Maxxis IT on the rear of my Pig. You can get them from Rocky Mountain for like 42 Bones. Worked great out at Ocotillo this last weekend. Put almost 150 miles on it and it shows very little wear. Anyone else running them on their Pigs? I picked up on the Maxxis on the CRF450 forum. Read a lot of very positive comments. "Good traction". "Long wear". So far I rate this tire as exellent value. Will keep my Pig Brothers posted.

I also run the Maxxis IT (rear) on my KTM and have found it superior in all ways. Staight line hook up is great, it also works well in all conditions. As a stiff side wall that works well in the desert at slightly lower air pressure (12-14) Wears very well get around 200 miles more from the Maxxis than the Dunlops.

How would it compare to an S-12 as far as handling? I'd like more mileage out of the tires, but I like the handling of the Michelins. I open to try one though. :)

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