Tire Suggestions

Can anyone out there give me a tire suggestion for slimy mud, the Dunlop 739's I have right now are good for the hardpack and semi-slick surfaces but lousy for slick mud. any recommedations or even links to more info on selecting a great tire would be appreciated.

03 WR450F, greywire mod, 160 main, 48 pilot, Dunlop 739's front and rear.

i had the same problem. i posted about this a while back. some say let air out and it will help some ! as for types of tires i have no idea. i have 2 feet of snow on the ground so i'm not riding anywhere !!

all tires suck in th mud :)

But I use dunlop 756 in front and 773 in rear.Alot of my races have soft terrain.

Michelan S-12 front and rear. If you ride any other terrain put a M-12 front on or a Pirelli MT44 front. We run these year round in all terain with great results.

Use the 739's to start a good bon-fire.

I'll second the S-12s. Pretty good all around tire except extreme rocky areas. I have lost a few knobs on mine but still got over 600 miles on my rear in mud, hardpack and lots of shale rock areas.

S-12 are the ticket

Dunlop 773's ROCK in mud and sand!!! :)

meanwhile drop your tire pressure to 10 lbs front, 12 rear.. It will make a major difference until you get new ones. Mine came from dealer at 25# each. check yours.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have tried adjusting tire presure and making suspension adjustments to no avail. I plan to replace the rear tire with one of the suggested ones with a softer compound. The bike is just about unridable right now with all the mud we have around now, and it will not be dry any time soon.

I really like the Dunlop K695 rear for most riding situations. Good in mud, not so good in deep sand, sharp rocks will hammer them. A great all around tire.

i agree the s -12 seems to be a great tire. But if you want to go cheap i just got a new one. the Cheng shin c-703. Not this som bitch is gonna throw some mud. Should owrk well in the sand also. Just a thought. they are cheaper then most.



I used Dunlop 752's in the mud and they work GREAT!! I use heavy duty tubes and about 7-9 pounds of air in the rear sometimes going lower (depending upon conditions). The front I run about 10-12 lbs. This is Hawaii and the mud there can be really nasty. Good Luck!!..........db :)

Ditto the Dunlop D752s in the rear. 756 up front. For sand mud and all soft terrain these hook up well. If you're going to get in rocks though, they will chunk off knobs. Low pressure 10-12 lbs. If you have one, crank up the Steering damper a couple of notches in real rutted slick mud, or snow. It will keep the bike pointing straight without as much correcting and over correcting.

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