WR450 with YZ timing

Do we know yet wether the WR450 can be timed like a YZ? I went from a WR400 to a new 450 and I am not impressed with the power. It is broad and has good torque but not much top end charge. Throttle stop was cut, baffle removed and air box snorkle removed, still seems reluctant to pull the front wheel in 3rd gear and above. I think my old 400 would out run it...no flywheel key problems yet!

What others have said about this, and it makes sense, is that if you change the cam position the auto decompress will not work correctly. It appears the only options is to get the YZ450 cam and put it in.

I read this post and had to go ride my 450. I have a big bore YZ 426 that will blow your 400's door's off. I thought that would alow me to give you a comparison. It had 1.9 on the odometer when I started, it now has 12.1. I can ride long wheelies in 5th gear. 1,2,3,4 as well. It has a mellow power but builds forever. I had to get it good and warm before it made much power at all. I will be able to go faster on this bike than my YZ as the first gear is lower for the tight stuff. I think you will have to try to stall this bike. I would like more power, but more is not always better. This thing hooks up. I think I scarred my neighbor with an 80 mph wheelie in front of his house. I would not be so quick to put the YZ cam in it. Just my opinion. -------Mike

Maybe the torque is decieving. Maybe the tire was spinning. It just didn't seem too powerful by seat of the pants. The 400 was mushy on bottom and mid but hit like a heavyweight on top. It really got your attention. I'll ride her some more this weekend and hope I get a different impression!


I think you will. Mine seemed pretty wimpy at first but after I rode it around a bit it seemed to get better. It was 28 deg yesterday. I am interested to see how it works out. I was doing some pretty good wheelies! The bike felt very light and flickable compared to my 426. I think this is a sweet bike so far. ---Mike

The mechanic at a local dealer changed the timing, he said it was'nt as easy as last year, but he won't say how he did it. he said with an FMF pipe and the timing the power is unbelivable. When I went down there today they were just putting on thier dyno. If anyone interested you can call him and maybe he'll give you a little info. His name is Don Griwe at Full Throttle Powersports 801-292-1492. Also just for your info my buddys got a WR400 with a White Bros. pipe. when we went riding his 400 was much slower, he was'nt intrested in a 450 until he rode mine, he said he cound'nt beleive how much differce there was in power and handling. So you either have one of the slowest 450's or one of the fastst 400's around.

I too was not impressed with the power of the bike, had to keep reminding myself this was a 450, that was until I made the mods you see posted in this forum. (Throttle stop cut, grey wire mod, rejetted 160m,48pj, airbox mod) all made a big difference in the way the bike ran out.

I too was not impressed with the power of the bike, had to keep reminding myself this was a 450

You might be the fastest guy here!!! I have almost looped my bike at least a couple dozen times.. So much power I don't know what to do with.... Torque everywhere... What bike do you ride now?????

As far as timing the bike to YZ spec... You can install the YZ cam no problem, the only down side it that you'll lose the electric start because of the conflict with the auto decompression.. I'm sure some one will come out with aftermarket cams for the bikes, but I've ridden the YZ off-road and prefer the powerband of the WR's.


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