Im Looking to do a big bore kit entire exhaust suspension and graphics on my bike shortly... I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the big bore kit... looking for maybe 440 or more... i dont mind running race gas or avgas... i live in southern cali and its mostly a dune bike... any ideas... i am gonna go with the DMC Alien pipe and header and the white brother torqx insert. and im still looking for the graphics kit i like... :D:)

Call Eric Gorr in WI for the big bore: 920-356-0741

is it a buisness... what kind of big bore...

what kind of big bore

What do you mean by that? A big bore is just that, a cylinder bored out larger than stock.

Eric Gorr is an engine builder. Send him your stock barrel and he will have it bored and plated and return the parts to you along w/ a Wiseco piston. There are a few compression ratios to chose from. A stock 426 bore is 95mm, Wiseco makes a 97mm piston that will result in 444 ccs.

Your other option is to have the crank offset ground to increase the stroke, increasing the displacement that way (you could still increase the bore also). This is a more involved modification and therefore isn't quite as popular. The only shop I've heard of that does this is Stroker, I don't have a number for them.

Hope this helps.

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