04 vs 05 wr450 suspension?

so I hear that the 05 suspension is better than the 04?

I have a lead on an 04 wr450 and would like to make it into a desert racer machine, I'm thinking about the B1K and similar. I already have an 03'wr250f that I could use as a prerunner and it's wheels and other parts if necessary. would a place like precision concepts rather be dealing with an 05 than an 04?

the 05 has 48mm forks and the 04 has 46mm forks, so you would have to change the top and bottom clamps to get the forks to work

you wouldn't happen to know what my 03 wr250f has do you? if it were to be 46 then I'd be able to swap out entire front ends without any fuss or muss?

Your WR also has 46mm shocks.

I have a 05 wr with 48mm forks and I also have a yz250 with 46mm forks. Now that I have both of them professionally setup, I cannot tell the difference. Yes, technically speaking, the 48mm are better. But its hard to imagine that your riding skill is beyond the tunable range of the 46mm forks.

Do not let the forks be the deciding factor. You will be happy with either the 46 or the 48mm forks once you have them setup correctly. I am speaking from personal experience.

You should talk with DaveJ in the SUSPENSION forum. He talked me into keeping my 46mm forks and he set them up very well.

I was looking into another bike, a big brother to my 250, a 450, and with the same 46 front ends, I'd have some nice options, since they would have been the same. I could have swapped out entire front ends, one set up for one thing, the other for something else. It could have been "spares" for the b1k, or other race, it would have been nice ........ the bike I wanted got sold out from under me, dang it! :p it's still a plan though ......

I have an 04 and got the front end revalved and sprung then put a spring on the rear, it is a dream for desert racing. Go as fast as you want through anything.

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