Which Flywheel Weight?

Any suggestions good or bad on adding a 10oz vs. 12oz flywheel weight. 99WR400 with Wr timing?

Mostly trail ride and logging roads which one would you suggest?

I have a 99 WR 400 with WR timing and installed a Steahly 12 oz. weight. Bought the 10 oz first then took it back before installation and exchanged it for the 12 oz.. No stalling and it even starts easier. I ride fire roads, cowtrails and single track like you..... I like the heavier one. Jim

I installed the 10oz on my 99WR, thinking that the 12oz might be too much.

After running the 10oz (and loving what IT did), if I were doing it over I would go with the 12oz.

my $02.

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