i need a FLOAT NEEDLE FOR wr400

i am working on a 99 wr400 for a guy. and the bike was sitting for a good while. the whole fuel system was clogged and the float needle stuck closed. to make a long story short i tried everything to get the float needle loose but it was like it was glued in (the fuel had turned lime green it was so old) so i ended up messing up the top of the needle to get it out. does anyone happen to have an extra? the float needle assymbly is pretty high priced and all i need is the needle. thanks:ride:

I don't know if this will help, but I found all these needles for $5.25, I cant figure out how to use this chart, maybe someone here can tell us what to think of this needle size chart. or part number to use, the stock one is OBDUT or OBDUS? what does this mean?


Different needle...that's the slide needle, I think he's looking for a float needle. You can order just a needle from Sudco for about 6 bucks http://www.sudco.com/ But they have a 25 dollar minimum order for induhvidual customers (I expect that if your local dealer or shop has a sudco account and you give them a part number, they won't have the 25 dollar minimum). If you replace the needle, you ought to replace the o-ring that seals the seat to the carb body...also available from Sudco for about a buck and a half.

thanks for the help i'll talk to the local shop.

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