Some help with my carb please! 07YZ450

2007 YZ450, stock jetting, always done this from new.

I have a specific problem with my carb that drives me absolutely nutz. If I completely shut the throttle down (eg. in the air) then get back on it hard, I get this HUGE bog. To avoid cartwheeling, I have to be very cautious to ease into the throttle and then it wont bog.

Will a quickshot fix this? If yes, what one?

If it wont fix the problem, what will?

I don't want to get all technical about my carb I just want it fixed, or send it to someone who can fix it first time.

My 2006 did not have this problem.

My 07's carb setup.

I run a 48 pilot, 162 main. Needle stock with clip at stock setting.

Quickshot V1. Fuel Screw at 2 1/2 turns out.

also have a pro taper billet throttle tube with bearings and can almost snap my throttle like a 2 stroke without bog.

i have a procircuit Ti4 Slip On stock header and ride with a spark arrester.

Switch between Uni and Twin Air for filters. Uni in the desert and Twin Air for track.

Bike starts 2nd 3rd kick every time and has not off idle bog.

So did you have a bog and these setting fixed it, or is this just a setup that works for you?

I need to figure out whats going on with mine, I have the "Stewart" bog lol. I hate playing the "guess and test" game with jetting... especially on these bikes, the carbs are a mess to take off.

So will a quick shot fix my problem?

Make sure the AP is timed per the manual and do the O-Ring mod. My 07 has stock jetting except the main is a 165 and I am at sea level with a DrD pipe. The fuel screw is 1 3/4 out and I use a tach to dial it in. The bike has no bog and has a hard clean hit.

My jetting specs were from Zip Ty when Ty was running the 07 YZ.

I agree with the Zip Ty mod. I already had a quickshot so i went that route.

Zip Ty told me that the QuickShot does't really work for WOT desert racing but rather on the gas off the gas quick whoop blitzing.

Thanks, thats exactly what I am looking for.. ship it away and let someone else fix my problem :p I have no problem spending money on mods that are effective.

You'll be happy.:ride:

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