TTR 250 exhaust insert in a WR400?

SF i have been running that set up for a year now and it works geart,just change the pilot jet one size up.


that's funny, we looked at our baffles 2000 wr and our friends baffle 1999 ttr250, and they looked identical, is there a difference?


DRZ400E: Where's the power on this thing?

Anyone try the ttr250 exhaust insert in a wr400 stock exhaust

Remove the baffle and you see the diffrence also the out let is larger on the ttr250 and when you install it in the wr it will make a little more top end.Sounds good to.


Just FYI, I talked to a couple factory Yamaha guys out here in Arizona last weekend @ a local enduro race who said they installed a TTR250 insert on the one guy's WR250 (yep, that right!). Said it helped a bit w/performance & passed tech inspection. Why not try it on the 400? BTW, the WR250 was VERY cool &, they said, is the same bike that was recently featured on a Speedvision test ride the week before. Couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the WR250 & then figured they MUST be real yammie boys!

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