Green Sticker?

Hi all, I'm new to this board and happy to have found it. Lots of really good info on it. Anyway here's my question and I'm sure some one has answered it before. I checked the archives and the info was a little old. I've got an 02 wr426 and it came with a green sticker. My vin has a 3 in the 8th position, was this a mistake or have the rules changed. everyone seems to be surprised when they see I have a green sticker.

The rules have not changed since January, 1998. You are lucky to have the green sticker for now. The DMV will likely catch up with you next registration. If not, roost at will!


the people at the DMV are retarded. which often is good for us...

Question? If he just lays low and mails in the registration on time wouldn't he get away with it as they would really have no reason to revisit his file?

not a chance.theres is a chance he can get license plate before they yank greensticker.when he goes for lighting inspection and they see bike has greensticker they might think is passes ca. and fed emmisions standards and check that part off on form.the lighting part is easy it emmissions that is to make sure silencer says"meets calif and federal noise emmisions standard"either use stock silencer from 98wr or modify ktm "G" model silencer to fit

The red sticker is a farce in Ca anyway, it is not enforced (at least its my experiance) at all in most popular OHV's. Most of the Rangers in charge of the OHV's understand the stupidity behind the red sticker and only enforce it to look to see if its current.

I suggest this, do not mail in the reg, take it to the DMV make an appointment, go to a low traffic DMV office, Hollister, Auburn and so on.

These offices will hand a Greenie out if you already have one....Happened to me and a bud in the Hollister DMV. Handed us right back a greenie I have an 00

I'm good till 04 so I guess I'll have some time to work on a plan of attack. I like the idea of going into the DMV they never seem to know what's going on. I've never been able to do what I need there in one visit it always takes two or three visits.

the DMV i so dumb you have to have an IQ of about 65 to work there, i bet its says that on the aplication form, READ IT SOME TIME. anyways, if you have a dealer sign off on it,( did it for may people when i worked at one) then the yhand you the plate. if the DMV you go to has some one who may have passed the 3rd grade, then they may figure somethig out, but i can bet the next dMV down the street will not be the same. I mean it, those old bags working there are too busy gosiping and doing the god ugly hair to care about a dumb bike.

and yes i do hate the DMV


Come on, Chris. Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel....


That some times its mistaken for YOO MOMMA

Let the Yo Momma So dumb jokes Begin :)

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