Lord help me, sometimes I'm just not that bright....

Was taking care of one of the dozen maintenance items I have on my list for my bike, last night was oil change night. Drained frame, then case, and skipped the filter until I can figure out how to bend my header up enough to get that really long bolt out on the top right (BTW, what genius engenieer came up with that idea :D ).

Proceeded to grab a couple quarts of Yamalube R4, and my ratio rite to get the correct amount of oil back in. Pour the first quart in, nooooo problem. Grab second quart, measure out exactely 19oz to top her off, and walk steadily towards my bike. All of a sudden, I get this voice in my head - "be careful & don't spill, this stuff is expensive". Get over to my bike, and almost start to pour the rest in..........all of a sudden it hits me........did I put my plugs back in :) !! Quick glance over to my tool box, sure enough, there sits both drain plugs, and on the floor sits a full quart of fresh Yamalube :D:D . I cannot belive that quart didn't end up squarly on my shoes. I'm going to hope that extra $8 I spent in oil will trickel it's way down to R & D to see if they can come up with a better bolt for the oil filter cover.

Live and learn :D ............

Dodger :D:D

You are not the first, and will not be the last.

Couple of weeks ago, my buudy and I are changing the oil in his forks on his XR250.

Well, we got about half of the oil into one fork before we remembered that that we had not replaced the drain plug. At $35.00 a quart for the "O1", we learned a good lesson too!

There are those that have, and those who will.....



DOnt feel so bad, my buddie had a rd-350 Yamaha, he starting filling the Oil injection, but first he filled his bellie with a few brewskies. Well He give me a call and asks how many freaking qt's does this thing take

I asked him how many have you poured

He said


I said

!! WHAT !! your kidding me

I asked him to make sure he was filling the right spiggot, he walks to the garage and all I heard was a cussing. The guy poured 4 qts on the ground through the over flow.

The sad part was it was poured all over his feet the over flow tube was just over the tops of his shoes.

Tru Story

When I was a kid my dad was changing the fork oil in one of our Bultacos. He had a tie down attached to the wall to hold the bike straight up. He took out one fork drain plug, no problem. When he took out the other one the weight of the bike collapsed the fork and shot oil out. He came in with oil all over his face. The face also had a look that said, without speaking, that no one had better laugh. We didn't, at least til later

I can top that......

Friday night (actually Saturday morning)in 1976

2am (brewski #6 is getting warm)

Leaving at 6am for desert.

Just replaced clutch plates in the old Husky after 3-4 hrs of other work on bike.

Quick break, then back to work.

Lessseee.....oh yeah....need tranny oil.

Why isn't the oil level screw weeping yet?

One more qu...WHAT THE....what is this oil on the floor????

Why is there a Husky clutch cover on that milk crate???? (The thought process was a little distorted, conditions being what they were)

1/2 hour of cleanup, 1/2 hour of work on bike, a quick shower, and maybe 2-3 hours of sleep before a 4 hr drive.

And they say we wasted our youth!


Been there, done that. However, about that oil cover bolt. With the stock exhaust on my '99, I just loosen the header bolts (actually its an allen bolt and a nut) about 6-8 turns, loosen the pipe clamp between the header and exhaust, and twist the header up about an inch. The bolt will slide right out. After you replace the filter, just twist eveything back into place and tighten. It adds about 5 minutes to the process is all. That is surely one crap design. I hope that engineer is designing the Iraqi nuclear weapons program now. The White Bros E-series I run sometimes is built at a different angle, so you don't have that problem. I think every aftermarket header probably fixed that major design flaw!


Boy I fit right in with this group.

Sometime back I was rebuilding a chevy 350 for my truck. Got the motor all buttoned up, new pistons cam, hi volume oil pump. nice and fresh. I modified an old distributer so I could attach a drill to it to prelube the motor. Hooked up the drill and fingered the trigger.

Thats about when I found out about the oil pressure sensor hole right next to the distributer that I haddent plugged. Thats right... It was right underneath my head. remember that high volume oil pump?

When I hit the drill trigger a fountain of oil blasted me square in the face. I had oil drilling from my hair.

Thank god nobody saw that.


I can totally relate to that! Did the same thing with my Chevy, although I didn't wear any oil. I just freaked when I saw the pool of oil growing under the car. Gets your attention real fast. :):D:D

Dodger, just interested in why can't you get the bolt out on your oil filter?

What do you mean by header? I thought that they cleared the exhuast eader no worries - a development of the '01 models? Certainly clears on my 01WR426. Maybe the American model is different from the Aussie?


Just had a look at your website - the pick of you bike shows the exhaust header looks the same as myn so maybe we are talking about something different.

the spider arch crossing looks pretty mad but it probably had to be done.

Originally posted by Snapper:

What do you mean by header? I thought that they cleared the exhuast eader no worries - a development of the '01 models? Certainly clears on my 01WR426. Maybe the American model is different from the Aussie?


Snapper, You're right my friend, all 01's headers will clear the path of the oil filter. What do you mean Dodger?

Dodger, I can relate too, everytime I fill the bike up with oil im too impatient to wait for the oil to flow down to the engine and always leak oil down the down tube of the frame, you think I would've learned by now... :)


Us '01 owners only have problems getting to the oil cover bolt if WE consistantly dump our bikes to the right on get offs, and tweek our headers down a few inches. That's the only reason I cannot get to that bolt. Brand new header, no more than 10 hrs old, and re-customized :) .

Thanks all, your stories definately help :D .........

Dodger :D:D

At least you caught your mistakes BEFORE you left the garage.....

1. Checked/set valve clearance on my '99 WR. Accidently set the timing 1 chain length off - the wrong way. It wasn't YZ timing and it made awful noises. It was the third time I (re)checked the valves before I caught that one. And it was after I 'fixed' the counterbalance shaft drive gear rattle......

2. Changed the oil on my WR. Went riding the next day/weekend. Made it 8 miles before the drain plug fell out......... To add insult to injury I was the first towee on my buddy strap that I'd been carrying for 2 years.

You're not alone.............


PS - somebody remind me to check the drain plug when I get home - I changed the oil & tires last night.


Now do you understand why daddy won't let you have a baggie in the room when you're building model airplanes.....

Bonzai :)

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