Who Services Their Own Scott's Dampener???

Hey Dodger,

I just did mine. There's no mystery except when replacing the oil. You MUST do as they recommend in the instructions.

Go to:


and download the instructions. It's pretty simple and I was amazed at how much better it worked with fresh fluid.

And, BTW, instead of using their special tool, I just picked up a syringe at the local vet supply store.


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I also did mine. It was easy. It began leaking after a get off. I tore it apart, cleaned up the seals, put new 2 wt fork oil in and had no problems since.

Hey guys,

what is this daper good for? Does it worth the money? How is Ohlins damper compared to scott?

Thanks for the info :)

What's involved and is there much to it??? I read in the manual that your supposed to send your dampener into Scotts after the first 40 hrs of riding. Since I am way over the first 40 hrs I decieded to call Scotts to get some info. The guy at Scotts asked how long I've had it, (about 6 months now), and said there was no reason that I should need to send it in. He said just change out the oil, ride for another 4 - 6 months, and then look at sending it in for sevice. (That's all baring a get off of course!)

So, I'm assuming that this is an easy process....do I buy special oil from Scotts??

Thanks in advance.........

Dodger :):D

The Scotts and Ohlins are the same, both made by Ohlins. I would say it is the single biggest improvement you can make for riding sand, roots or rocks. Also VERY helpful in the scary fast stuff.

I would agree with Mr Court. I view mine as safety equipment.


Dodger, check your PM's...


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