Front number plate instead of headlight?


Anyone have pics of how to put on a simple number plate??

There is a whole lotta electronics up there! I think the major problem will be re-positioning the ignition on/off switch. If anyone has ideas on this or has done it, pics would be greatly appreciated.

Also, anyone who has installed a TrailTech computer on the WR 450, let me know how you did that.

ALSO, I tried to put the ZipTy magnetic oil drain bolt in and found out that Yamaha changed the size and thread of the drain bolt - what the hell?? I need to figure that one out.

Thanks in advance, Bud

i put the trail tech on my 450. first i took off the old odometer. the trail tech kit comes with a rubber cap and a plastic one that you put on top of the stock odometer cable mount on the front wheel.than i took off the front brake and drilled a 1/8 inch hole. the kit comes with self tapping screws to screw the new odometer sensor on.replace one of the rotor bolts with the magnetic bolt that comes with your kit.don't forget to put the brake back on. follow the brake line up to the handlebars. unscrew the two cable guides so you can put the speedo cable in.undo the headlight assembly.i placed my speedo in the stock odometer spot.i drilled (2) 1/8 inch holes in the bottom of the stock mount and screwed the new speedo base into it. or you could just mount it to your bars.

Dan, I did the number plate, but that very expensive ignition switch seems awfully unprotected.....

What if you crash? I know I'm gonna! :)

I don't see anywhere else to put it though.



I put the switch on the right side instead of the left, using only the lower hole in the bracket - that allowed me to tilt it up, tighter into the triple clamp. This left the switch much more protected.

I couldn't get the rear tab on the number plate to line up with the hole it's supposed to screw into - I guess I'll have to fabricate something to bridge the gap. Until then, I just zip-tied it and it seats down firmly.

Looks good now, but we'll se how it holds up on the trails.


While I am punishing you all with repeated posts, Dan, did yours come with a throttle stop that needed trimming or replacing with a YZ stop??


No more questions....I'm going to my room for a time out now. :)

Bud, You should know by now, I can't get enough of talking about WRs..... :)

Our Canadian bikes don't need no stinking grey wire or throttle stop, just a crappy pipe and a cool Vin number:D.

What else you got??? Bring it on bud..

about your PM, that's alot of typing for me just call me whenever.

818 519-9833


I cant seem to see any of the pictures:bonk: could you send them to my email. I am getting a new 09 WR450 this friday and I want to put a number plate on it so when I go to the track I dont feel so Different:ride: help me out

The problem is you are looking at a 7 year old thread. They could be long gone by now, sorry.

:ride:Does anyone know if this can be done for the 09 model. I want to put a number plate on when I go to the track. Help a brotha

:ride:Does anyone know if this can be done for the 09 model. I want to put a number plate on when I go to the track. Help a brotha

What do you need pictures of? Just pull the head light off and put a number plate bolts right up :thumbsup:

Easy? thank the gods. I Just wanted to see what it looks like tho.

Easy? thank the gods. I Just wanted to see what it looks like tho.

What angle do you want to see?

Just got my 450, now I have to put it in storage for 3 weeks:foul: Im going to get in some trouble when I get back tho:moon: send as many as you want. To many never hurt.

what plate should we use?

YZ, aftermarket?

what plate should we use?

YZ, aftermarket?

I just used a UFO one for a 06-09 YZ, I'd say whatever's easiest/cheapest to get.

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