sounds like a rebuild to me

I wanted to do this as a different post from "i didnt seize the engine" Can you guys give me some input on who puts out a good rebuild kit? I dont know if I will have to do top or bottom or both but i need to be aware of who provides quality parts at good prices and ships when they say they will.

Any input would be apprecieated



What do you mean by a "rebuild kit"? If something's shot, I replace with stock parts. I think 2-strokes have those sorts of things because it has to be done so often, but I've never heard of a rebuild kit for these motors. or both have parts lookup features and have really good prices if you don't trust your local shop.

Thanks Rich,

I needed some company names. I have never trusted my local shops or their price gouging ways. I dont know yet what I am going to have to do to fix the scoot. By "kit" I mean that I used to be able to buy a rebuild kit for a car that would include pistons, rings, bearings (main and piston) or a valve kit that had all new springs and rocker arms etc./..

I dont know if they have those for scooters or if need to make decisions on every part.

Thanks for the names


I was just looking on ebay for WR parts and came across this: Yamaha YZ426 426 Crank Rebuild Kit I think it will work in your bike.

That looks great!! I cant think of any reason why it wouldnt fit. I think the crank assemblys would be the same between an 01 yz 426 and an 02 wr 426. I mean I think that the differences in the engine have to do with cam timing and setup not internal engine parts. Can anyone confirm or deny this assumption??


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