08 WR450F Pipe Dismantle

I have not posted a message before, but since I have spent over an hour looking for my answer and can't find it I need help. I bought a new 08 WR450 (last year's model, new) and I am in the process of doing all the modifications the factory should have done in the first place. It's pretty bad when my 99 WR400 woops its ass all over the place. I bought the TT kit, jets, needle, and promoto billet for the exhaust. I am starting with the exhaust. I pulled the end cap off the exhaust along with the stock insert. I also removed the two rivets holding the end piece on. Here is my question. How do I get the end piece off? I have tugged on it, even put the insert back in for more leverage as I pull. I don't want to mark up my pipe. How in the hell do I get it out so I can gut out the plugged up pipe? Any help is appreciated!

I seem to remember having troubles with my 07 as well. I think I removed the exhaust and may have had to pound the pea-shooter in a bit to break any residual rivet metal. Then I think I could pull it out.

Thanks for the reply! I tried using a scew driver and a hammer to punch it into the pipe last night. I managed to move it anbout 1/16 of an inch. How far can I push it inward before I start doing any damage? The thing is still way tight. I can not get it to budge outward. Any ideas? Anyone else have any insight?

I did go through all of those before I posted this originally. I learned a lot, and I know exactly what to do onces I can get the end piece off and get to all of it. I just don't want to bend my end piece and mark up my exhaust. I will work on it again tonight, hopefully this time with no swearing.

You might have to try a slide hammer to get it out of there. If you can get one with a fairly large "L" shaped fixture you might be able to get it moving through the exhaust port. :p WR Dave

I got it! I ended up going to the hardware store and picking up four bolts that were two inches long and fit the four holes (bolts) in the end piece. I drilled four holes in a piece of wood, used four washers, put extended bolts through washers-wood-end piece. I turned them one turn each at a time until the end piece moved to the end of the exhaust. Once I removed the bolts and wood it only took a little tug with my fingers and it popped right out. Hope this helps someone in the same situation as myself. Thanks Bradsind and WR Dave for the suggestions.

Good to hear it worked out, just needed some out of the box thinking, Good Job and have fun with the mods. WR Dave

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