Beating a dead horse!

I know it's been talked about a million times, but I'm undecided on the grey wire. To Cut or not to Cut, that is the question. I have an 02 wr426. If I cut what's the best way to do it? I tryed pulling it out allready but had a bitch of a time. My mechanical skills are limited and I don't want to mess anything up. I'm a new guy so take it easy on us.

Grab a wire cutter, and snip snip.....

I cut mine in the middle of the wire, in the event I wanted to re-splice it together again. Some guys have had luck by just pulling the wire out of the connector, mine didn't want to come out that way either. For cleanlyness, electro tape the sucker up, and enjoy............

Dodger :):D

BEAT BEAT BEAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you decide to go ahead.....

please post photos of yours wrapped in tape incase you wish to reconnect it!

I hope your just talking about his wire.

I feel your pain, I have not decided to get circumsized yet either.

Well its kinda the same :)

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