Carbon fiber airbox = Performance?

Recently I read an article in a Dirt Bike magazine a list of "performance" hop ups for a project bike. Listed in the Mag were the typical suspension, exhaust,and clutch mods oh yea a carbon fiber air box was listed too. Wait a minute did I just read carbon fiber airbox? I do not dispute most of these will dramaticly sweeten up any bike, but come on how competitive does a person have to be to benefit from the "performance" of a carbon fiber airbox? Dont get me wrong, they look bitchen, but at $250 to $350 Hmmm... Memo to all the new recruits of Dirt Biking, when you read the magazines don't get carried away and spend your money on carbon fiber anything until you have bought the BEST helmet, gogles, boots, gloves, body armor, health insurance, tools, money can buy! Then, and only then should you buy carbon fiber, billet, or magnesium goodies. Whew I feel better :)

This public service announcement brought to you by T-Talk member tripod.


i hear that with having stiff walls for the airbox that you are able to get better air flow. or something like that. A buddy said yz timeing and carbon fiber airbox are the two power booster upgrades to do. Now take that for what it is worth. Just my 2 cents

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