Any Australasian 450 arrival timings

Has anyone in New Zealand or Australia had confirmation the WR450's have been shipped. My dealer says they know 4 weeks in advance and so far he hasnt heard from Yamaha yet.

You should be getting soon as ours have started arriving and we get the same spec bikes as you guys do

Mine landed on sunday at the docks and if all goes well, will be home by Thursday or Friday at least I know it has landed.

I had to wait until about this time last year to get my 2002 model... might have even been the end of February,,, and the dealer had the order in mid November 2001 for it, so he would have gotten one from the first batch that landed... then they had to be ADR'ed, warehoused, distributed etc...

Hang in there... shouldn't be long now...


OK Thanks guys

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