Are '05 and '08 YZ450f Cams the same

I toasted my intake cam on my '08 YZ450 and one of my buddys has brand new 05 Cams that he will give me. Will these work?

The '05 cams are the same as those for the '03 and '04's. They'll fit the head, but it remains to be seen how the engine will perform with them, since the timing map on the ignition was made up for a different cam grind. You could try them and see. It would be interesting.

But when you say "toasted", what kind of damage occurred?

The 05 cam should produce more power...well harder hitting power.

The lobe centering of the '03-'05 cams (5TA-12170-00-00 & 5TA-12180-00-00) is configured to produce more low end power, but the lobe profile itself is actually a bit less aggressive. It's famously true that these cams do hit very hard in an '03-'04 model, but the '05 with the same cams, frankly, was very disappointing to most people as far as power delivery was concerned, illustrating the effect that the ignition map can have on things. That's why I continue to think it's an open question as to how an '08 will run with these cams. In this case, it will apparently cost nothing but time to find out. As I said, it will be interesting.

Consider too that the best running stock '04 models produced about 48 hp, while the '08's put out 51-52. It's managed very differently, of course, but the later engine undeniably is more powerful. The head is different, of course, and some of the gain comes from that, but some is also from the cam timing and grind.

so all i want to know is if i can take an 05 intake cam and put it in my 08. will it wreck anything? i destroyed one of the buckets on my valve springs which wrecked all the valves the intake cam and the head.

can i still use the 08 exaust cam?

I think we've said two or three times now that you can, yes. You might like how the bike runs with them better, and you might not, but they can be used. Using the '08 exhaust cam with the '05 intake is probably not going to be the best combination, but you can try it out and see.

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