I recently aquired a 00 WR426 with gold valves and stock springs. I weigh about 187 and would call call myself a intermediate trail rider, I race Novice in the dessert here in Reno.

When I first rode the bike it was very active in small stuff, jittering and bouncing. I backed off the comp. a few clicks at both ends and the bike feels great in nasty rocks and stuff but bottoms and wallows on med to large whoops. I have to pull back on the bike in these sections which tires me out quickly and then the bike starts shooting out in wild directions. Also, any downhil steep enough that I can't keep weight off my hands and the front rides almost at the bottom of the stroke.

It feels to me like the bike needs stiffer springs but in reading some of the old susp. threads people 200lbs + seem to do great with the stock boingers. Although I haven't gotten out a tape measure the front and rear sag appears to be about right.

Any Ideas?

Also, If I get springs based on the RaceTech chart will I have to revalve?




Here is my 2 cents.

I have a '00WR400 (I believe if yours is '00 and a WR, it must be a 400, only the YZ was 426 then). I am 200lb and use stock springs for off-road use. My ideal settings for rocks, ruts, and real nasty stuff are much different than my ideal settings for whoops and hi speed chop. I normally run a very wide range of terrain, so I typically choose settings smack in the middle between the two ideals. If you send me a pm with your email address, I will send you my settings so you have something to start with. I would never use these springs for moto, and stiffer springs would definitely make a difference in your damping settings. Since you are in No Nevada, I would assume you ride in varying terrain from desert to woods and rocks. Try it and see what you think. These bikes respond very well to small changes in damping. Just record where you start, what you change, and how it felt to you. Worst case, if you screw it all up, you can always go back to your last good setup.


PS: there is some mid-stroke harshness in the front end that can only be cured by revalving by an expert. I have learned to live with it for now. At least until I get leaking suspension or it's time for a service. Then I'll revalve at Fineline here in HB.

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Thanks Dan. I noticed last night that one click seems to make a big difference, where my old XR took 2-3 to be able to feel. I spent a lot of time getting my XR right and I could blast through whoops and still be more plush than the WR through rocks. I know the WR has the potential to work better.

Yeah, we have a ton of terrain here in N. Nev. and I could avoid whoops altogether if I tried but they always throw a lot of them at us in our races so the bike (and me) needs to be set up for them.

Another thing I noticed is that the bike seems to soften up, too much, after about 45 min of riding. I believe that suggests old oil. I will get the susp. serviced and start playing with settings.

Thanks again,


If your suspension shop knows what they are doing, they can suggest settings to start with based on local conditions and your riding preferences. That should be real close.

I haven't experienced fade (except the brain kind), and I sometimes ride pretty hard. But I'm just not in good enough shape to really ride hard for 1-2 hrs straight. Good luck.


Careful with the clickers go to far on either rebound or compression one will effect the other. Sounds to me you need to change your spring rate and stiffin the mid speed Your a desert rider so you don't want to loose the plush feel you just want to slow the stroke to make it more bottom resistent. Zip Ty Racing hooked me up with a link for my rear end that changed my bike big time they will also answer questions about your shim stack

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