coolant reservoir bottle

hello. After replacing the coolant after replacing the impeller oil seals, im not sure if the reservoir bottle should hold coolant? Is it an overflow bottle, or should there be coolant in the bottle?


I keep an inch or so in there. After your fill and a ride, you may well find the next day, it is a little lower, add some more. This may occur after a couple of rides then stop. As the system heats up and the coolant expands, excess is forced out. This would consist of any air the system can purge first. On cool down, the coolant contracts, sucking from the overflow bottle. After a few cycles, all the air will be purged, the line between the bottle and the radiators will be full of coolant. If you ever have any coolant loss, a quick look at the overflow (when the engine is overnight cold) bottle will show a diminshed quamntity.

I like to keep some in the overflow as well - it's visual assurance as William stated

There is an actual max fill line stamped on the overflow bottle. Not sure if it's on all years.

thanks very much guys :p

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